IKEA Hackers: Expedit Custom Closet

37 Clever Ways To Organize Your Entire Life With Ikea-Expedit shelving in a walk-in closet is a cheap alternative to custom closets

Toad Hall, a 32-acre property composed of five log cabins located in Tennessee's Great Smoky Mountains, with polished interiors set against a rustic backdrop of massive logs and boulders. The walls and ceiling of the guest bedroom, pictured, inspired its furnishings, including the soft, neutral bedding and cream-colored hangings of the hickory-log four-poster. Toad Hall "is a combination of refined and rugged," remarks the owner. "From blue jeans to ball gowns, it works for everything."

10 White Bedrooms Done Right

log cabin bedroom, minimal color sets off the dramatic building style. Echoing the white plaster between rough-hewn logs, all-white bedding and bed hangings add a note of luxury to the rustic space.

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Create a harmonious bedroom with tonal shades and soft textiles.