120 convo starters or for language samples. Put in a jar for easy access.

120 Writing Prompts---for kids who can't think of journal ideas.Also great for Conversation starters for Kids with ASD

Lots and lots of #homophones $ #wordwalls

Homophones - Illustrated Word Wall

AWESOME way to understand contractions - with paint chips!

paint samples for teaching contractions: clever idea, and those paint strips are free! i always love looking at the colors, now i can look at them AND help kids learn with them!


Although this website is in another language, the English flashcards are beautiful for prepositions.

My body worksheet. Pagina met meerder printvriendelijke werkbladen voor Engelse lessen.

My body worksheet for kids. Kids can learn about their body with this free printable worksheet. It asks kids to correctly match each body part name with by drawing a line from the label to the correct place on the body.

Free! 44 Compound Word Flashcards

Compound Word Flashcards

Compound Word Flashcards Here is a set of 88 flashcards picture cards and 44 word cards) for compound words. These flashcards are a fun and colorful way for kids to practice common compound words.