Fun upcycling project using plastic spoons and a water bottle to make a chandelier! As always use LED lights

Plastic spoon chandelier

Funny pictures about Plastic spoon chandelier. Oh, and cool pics about Plastic spoon chandelier. Also, Plastic spoon chandelier photos.

Teacup candelabra.

Teacup Candelabra Idea - LOVE this! Would make such a lovely centerpiece! Fill teacups w/ cupcakes 'n candles for a birthday tea party or w/ color coordinated goodies for any holiday

Store your books in a funny way #interior #books

inspiration for dining room wall - photo ledges and all black and white photos (notice spacing between shelves).

This shelf! Looks easy to make and would be an easy, transportable art/card display that adds lovely height.

Nice and simple idea to showcase some nice things and I like how it just leans against the wall.



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