Not giving a fuck is better. ;) via (

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I often make the mistake of not listening to it

Listen to your gut. Every time I ignored my gut instincts I regretted it. But, lessons learned, and I now trust myself. :) (and people doubting my well honed instincts piss me off)

Dit zijn niet-kleuren dus zwart en wit (verzadigde kleuren zonder zwart of wit gemengd, onverzadigde kleuren met zwart of wit gemengd)

Aaahww, why do I feel like this sounds incredibly cutee! Perhaps because I adooree Takkie

'Kies niet met je hoofd, maar met je hart en gevoel; je verstand is er om keuzes te begrijpen, niet om ze te maken.'

❤️ heb ik altijd al gezegd . Nu hoor je t ook van een ander .

Sometimes it's all you can give, just so happens to be the most important thing...  No matter what,  don't regret giving it, it's how you chose to live your life.  TM

Funny pictures about The greatest gift you can give someone. Oh, and cool pics about The greatest gift you can give someone. Also, The greatest gift you can give someone.

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Wauw prachtig gedicht!

EMDR side effects - As with anything and everything in life, there is always a side effect, but in the case of this particular therapy


Ton kennen ze je agliek were.


"I don't have a dirty mind, I have a sexy imagination." Don't let anyone tell you (and your sexy imagination) otherwise.