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50 Most Beautiful Tattoo Design Ideas

Olga Akulova - Industrial Apartment, Kiev, Ukraine

WHATTTTT. floor plan light switch lets you control all the lights in your house in one spot. much better than turning them off and sprinting to your bedroom through the darkness.


Why Hide Your Cables And Cords When You Can Turn Them Into Beautiful Wall Art...

Restaurante Rio Bistrô e Lounge - Brasília DF - Brasil. Projeto Rosset e Rozsanyi Arquitetura - escada de acesso ao mezanino.

Best of Year 2014: Products and Materials Winners

Best of Year 2014: Products and Materials Winners | Awards | Interior Design

A Castelatto Pisos e Revestimentos marcou presença no evento Casa Cor Goiás 2014. Scaleno Etrusco branco - Casa Cor Goiás 2014 - Arquiteta Priscilla Barros. Foto: Clausem Bonifáci. Ambiente: Banheiro Público em parceria com a revenda Aldeia Acabamentos e Complementos. #CasaCorGoias #Castelatto The Nepa Lamp is made from birch plywood with stainless steel and aluminium detailing, it uses 12v to illuminate the high-powered LEDs. Standing about 6ft high, the lamp is wall mounted and uses friction hinges along with a pivot in the base to enable a full range movement. Lern more....

Straight lines, raw wood and high tech to make it shine. Timp is an unusual desk lamp by Lutz Pankow.