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ik doe vaak iets op mijn ipad

Apple's initial launch day stock of the white iPad mini was exhausted just hours after the device became available for pre-order, and now the black model is sold out as well.

I just died

Sometimes, nature is just awesome. This is a real bird, and it's called a Blue-Footed Boobie. I have loves Blue-Footed Boobies for years! They are sooo cool!

mooie taart dus kunst

dont like the top so much but I like the idea of MMs spilling out and down the side-----agree! My uncle love mms so maybe when he's here next I'll make him it!

dit vind ik een mooie auto

Porsche 918 is highly valued sports car by Porsche. The car accelerates to km/h in seconds and to 200 km / h in just seconds. Its top speed is 345 km / h