I wonder if I can do this with the ruffle icing tip and icing. Dome Cake by crummb: Dome-shaped cake covered with a layer of fondant, on which about 100 ruffle-blossoms are attached.

Recipe of the Day: Best Beef Stroganoff

Best Beef Stroganoff

Recipe of the Day: Welsh Rarebit

Welsh Rarebit

A great tasting cheese dish, wonderful for snacks, can be made ahead or even frozen, great also as a sauce over Cauliflower or combined vegetables

Recipe of the Day: Coffee Ice Cream Pie

Coffee Ice Cream Pie

Coffee Ice Cream Pie: "This was wonderful and super easy to boot! The fudge sauce was lovely, and everything came together nicely.

Recipe of the Day: Fried Green Tomatoes

Everyone here has gardens and you get green tomatoes anytime you want. I keep one plant just for green tomatoes.

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