Meer ideeën van Anita

Zipper Lacing: This method "locks" the laces at each eyelet pair. Great for lacing skates tightly because the lower sections hold while tightening. It also looks interesting, a bit like a giant zipper.

-well isn't that something- Steampunk Necklace Carpenters Bubble Level by LithiasCreations, $25.00

Made my own #steampunk jet pack from household items and scrapbook stuff. #halloween

Steampunk brooch - Large Fly Lightbulb Brooch - OOAK Unique Steampunk Steam Punk Clockwork Jewelry

Steampunk Top Hat Tutorial, base to work with, Cover in felt??

Steampunk Moth Zip-On Bracelet Handflower by PeteAndVeronicas

Steampunk gun made from cheap water gun. @Elizabeth Bowen