Washi tape banner

Easy peasy handmade thank you card with washi tape banners strung on a line, colorful, diy project, quick personalised

Washi Tape Your Pencils and Notebooks

DIY Washi Tape Notebooks and Pencils

DIY washi tape ideas to inspire you! We'll also explain what washi tape is and where to buy it. DIY Washi Tape Ideas First, what is washi tape?

washi tape jars

just have to be creative and you can come up with some healthy and fun fall food ideas no bake cookies washi tape jars

Washi tape tea lights.

Tea lights + Washi Tape - what a cool way to dress up plain tea lights. Could be used on the battery operated tea lights as well.

DIY Washi Tape Birthday Cards

DIY Washi Tape Cake Cards Perfect for giving money/gift cards to the wedding couple!

easy DIY: washi tape on clothespins

Washi tape set - neon patterns

Agape Gift Ideas - easy DIY: washi tape on clothespins then add magnets to the back for a magnet board!--- again another easy craft item for those swaps that have a theme

washi tape

One of the big craft trends right now is washi tape. Washi tape is a Japanese rice paper tape that comes in many different fun patterns and designs.

DIY Washi Tape Candle Cards

12 Clever Gift Wrapping Techniques

From plain to oh so cute with Washi tape

/ What Washi Tape means? - could add washi tape to plain clothespins to make cute magnets

washi tape stickers

Washi Tape-Sticker Set-Japanese Masking Tape Stickers- Fabric Design Sticker Set-Deco Sticker Set of 136

Kids Crafts with Washi Tape | Washi Tape Lego Duplo by DIY Ready at http://diyready.com/100-creative-ways-to-use-washi-tape/

100 Washi Tape Ideas To Style And Personalize Your Items