I want one of these. Egg Skelter. For those of us with fresh eggs, it keeps you using the oldest first and never mixing them up.

Don’t Put All Your Eggs In One Basket, Put Them In The Egg Skelter

Its called an Egg Skelter I don't have chickens (yet). But, if I did, I'd store their eggs in this nifty contraption, which keeps your eggs in order and ensures that you'll use the oldest eggs first.

Wood Burning Stove  LOVE!!!!!!!!

My parents have two wood burning stoves. I prefer them over a fireplace any day. The heat it produces is awesome, and when electricity goes out you can still cook on it, while keeping warm :) ESSE OFEN👍🏽

Old Well Faucet. Had one of these in our kitchen when I was very little. Then came running water...Wow..

House Tour: Vintage DIY Home on Mystery Island

Old Well Faucet. / My aunt and uncle had one of these and it always fascinated me. We had running water at home, so I thought the hand pump was so very special.

30+ Kitchen Organization Tips

30+ Kitchen Organization Tips

Great Idea - cutting board with a hole to compost bin below. - cutting board with hole to compost bin. Makes clean up super easy!


Heute mit Anna alias annipalanni und ihren Topfenknödel. Oder sind das Nockerl? Fladen? Ist doch völlig egal, sie schmecken köstlich!

A Shaker-Inspired Kitchen in London from deVol Kitchens

A British favorite that deserves to be discovered here: the pulley laundry drying rack positioned above the range to catch the hot air. This one is in deVOL’s Shaker Kitchen. See Object Lessons: The Sheila Maid Clothes Airer for a history and sources.

PAULINA ARCKLIN | Photographer + Photo Stylist : Photoshoot

Wood finish color/material for wood accent wall in Kitchen or for floating shelves against white wash wood plank wall

Betonlook .Blogpost 3, voor Showhome.nl!

Blogpost 3, voor Showhome.nl! (Zwart, wit & hout)

и декор* - Дом в Швеции--i really like the simplicity of htis kitchen. The concrete island adds texture and I am loving the wood on these cabinets. Also, it's a clever idea to integrate the chalkboard for your daily task/recipes in the kitchen---How fun!