Would be cute as a tattoo


This gorgeous little drawing is called 'Love' and its by joojoo. I love her stuff. She make jewellery and some sugar craft too.

by Karen Hofstetter www.karenhofstetter.com

Typography surrounded, circled or partially covered by floral details, flower bursts and bombs etc, heavy mix of colour, design by Karen Hofstetter (Little Mix Frases)


you are so loved. she said you are warm. i never thought about that.but yes, you are warm. and i love you for that.

Great idea

This would be cool to do at a wedding; get each guest to wrap the string DIY String Heart diy craft crafts craft ideas diy ideas crafty diy decor diy home decorations home crafts craft decor

sparkle heart

Monday Link Love

Light up the night with love! Illuminating the path to your new life, these heart-shaped sparklers seem to dance with excitement. Set of 6 Heart-Shaped Sparklers Please allow shipping for three weeks.

:: i heart you ::

I love you too the moon and back and then even farther. You are amazing baby. I miss you

hearts x

Shower you with love. What'd be really cool is to take a picture under the umbrella together and have rain on the outside and those hearts on the inside.

LOVE Pressed Flower Art 18 x 14 Fine Art by fairyblossomdesigns, $35.00

LOVE - Pressed Flower Art - 18 x 14 Fine Art Print - Sweetheart Romance - Original I LOVE YOU Design


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