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a small tattoo on the arm of a woman with a hummingbird in it's beak
16 tatuajes temporales gloriosamente alocados
Para la persona que quiere ser como Pocahontas...
a colorful bird sitting on top of a tree branch
The Hooded Visorbearer (Colibri Lumachelle, or ColibrÍ Lumaquela) a hummingbird found only in Brazil. It's classified as "near threatened" due to habitat loss...once again sigh!
a colorful bird sitting on top of a wooden table
birds of a feather
Rufous Hummingbird. Photo by schpakowski
a hummingbird perched on top of a green leaf
Teeny tiny hummingbird
Malloy - Bee Hummingbird or Zunzuncito (Mellisuga ) is a species of hummingbird that is endemic to Cuba and Isla de la Juventud. It's the smallest living bird.
a hummingbird feeding from an orange flower
Hummingbird - Beautiful Colors
a small hummingbird perched on the palm of someone's hand
bippity boppity boo
a close up of a colorful bird on a brown and white background with an orange beak
two hummingbirds are perched on a branch and one has its beak open to the other
Tufted Coquette ( Lophornis ornatus): scenes from a courtship
The Tufted Coquette ( Lophornis ornatus ) is a tiny hummingbird that breeds in eastern Venezuela, Trinidad, Guiana and northern Brazil. In courtship, the male hummingbird dances above the female. He will repeatedly fly backwards and circle around her until she becomes passive and pairs with him.
a hummingbird perched on top of a flower
Inspiring Photo: **SMALL BUT MIGHTY** ACBP - Elective #6729439
a colorful bird sitting on top of a leaf covered tree branch with its wings spread
velvet purple coronet
Kissing hummingbirds by Evzen Takac Mebel Antik, Nature Tour, Kinds Of Birds
Magical Nature Tour
Kissing hummingbirds by Evzen Takac
a small black and white insect sitting on top of a persons hand
Bee Hummingbird ~ The smallest bird in the world
two hummingbirds feeding on the top of a nest
Anna's Hummingbird -
#Hummingbird baby in nest