Glazen potjes over? Maak met een lijmpistool een leuke tekst. Laat goed drogen en spuit/verf  de pot vervolgens in een gezellige kleur.  Dan om de rand nog wat touw binden. Ook leuk met lintjes of raffia!

have girls draw on jars with sharpie then go over the lines with hot glue and have kids paint them

How to make a Lego fidget spinner

These 7 fun DIY LEGO Spinner Fidget Toy Tutorial are fun to make and they really work! I went to the Lego store in NYC and built 7 different Lego Hand Spinne.

I always see the cool things you can do with glue and a balloon and I always want to try it. Maybe someday I will...

Make a confetti bowl

Bowls made of confetti! Great recycling art project--save all those leftover paper scraps (put in small bowls at each table). Collect a bunch and have the kids cut them up; Then make bowls made from confetti.

Gezellige Sinterklaas pot geknutseld met de sint en pietjes van AH.

Gezellige Sinterklaas pot geknutseld met de sint en pietjes van AH.


Comment agrandir la petite salle de bains – 25 exemples

Apartments, Minimalist Studio Apartment with Brick Wall Accent by Lugerin Architects: The Powder Room With Perfect Lighting From Niche

How to Make "Sea Glass" Bottles

How to Make "Sea Glass" Bottles

The perfect time to make sea glass inspired bottles for all those lovely spring flowers! All you need is bottles, mod podge and food color. From Finding Silver Pennies.