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DIY Gips / Beton Schale in Kupfer, Silber und Gold

Weigh down the smaller bowl with coins/small weights. Paint the inside with a shiny paint. Copper was the reddish color in the picture.

Tuin - Binnenkijken bij mijnhuis__enzo

Tuin - Binnenkijken bij mijnhuis__enzo

Binnenkijken bij mijnhuis__enzo - The latest in Bohemian Fashion! These literally go viral!

DSC 0830 01 740x1110

Buitenkijker: Op vakantie in eigen tuin

Painting Rocks Stoner DIY by Chronic Crafter

Christmas Stoner DIY: Gingerbread House Bong

Concrete Obsession: Transparent glass tube vase in grey concrete stand by cementology. Would probably work nice with wood instead of concrete as well.

Tipsy Pots So whimsical

Elizabeth O'Donnell I believe but Oh, I love that little tea pot! Wish I could find one. I have made two of these tipsy pot simple and so fun! I can hardly wait until spring so I can plant something in them.

looks like galifreyan (sp?) - garden stepping stones

Colorful Garden Stepping Stones

DIY Colorful garden stepping stones - totally would do a doctor who version and spell something

Har du mod på at kaste dig ud som møbeldesigner og lave dit eget møbel af beton. Det er ret...

Miss Moony. Our biggest project to date! A casted industrial desk lamp with internal socket and wire cord. Dimmer switch to

Rock melt by Jamie North for the national gallery of victoria international

Jamie North Cement, expanded recycled glass, blast furnace slag, steel, organic matter and various Australian plants Heights variable; base dimensions 56 x