Mini Kitty Pizzas and 11 More Healthy After-School Snacks Almost Too Cute to Eat

valantine pizza

Idea for Valentine's Day- heart shaped pepperonis. Could put them on mini heart shaped pizzas or let the kids build their own.

Pizza Panini

Grilled cheese and pizza hitch up in this easy (and yummy!) dinner idea - the Grilled Pizza Sandwich!

mini veggie pizzas

Super healthy kid recipes, healthy meal plans available for ten dollars a month, something to think about?

angry bird pizza

Need some fun kids party food ideas for your owl party? Here's a really fun way to serve up pizza and keep that Angry Birds Birthday Party theme going.

Pizza Flag. Fun for the whole family!

Pizza Flag with fresh mozzarella stars and stripes. great Fourth of July party idea!

dolphin pizza

Andrew Salome has a how-to video on making a pizza zoetrope - a pizzoetrope. Sounds like a great excuse to order pizza tonight!

Owl Pizza.

Loving this Frankenstein Pizza and Owl Pizza from Munchkin Munchies. Find the recipes HERE, adapted from Phyllis Hoffman’s “Celebrate~Halloween” maga…