IKEA on guerilla marketing

IKEA is a prolific user of guerilla marketing. A creative brand to begin with, this company is unrelenting is its creative promotional tactics.
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Ingenious drawer staircase

IKEA Stairs Advertisement Store’s main staircase was presented as a chest of drawers, with everything inside neatly organized.

Green subway stop couch

Ikea Bus Stop Advertisement: This living room bus stop was created by Ikea and Deutsch team together for the marketing of Design Week

Red book cases on the beach

Beach goers select books from 30 red Ikea Billy bookcases lined up to form the world’s longest outdoor bookcase to celebrate the birthday of the brand’s signature furniture piece in Sydney.

A living room on the move

Ikea ran an amazing guerilla marketing campaign example in Paris by placing furniture on the subway. Come check out these amazing guerilla marketing examples!