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Yaaaaa idk anymore lol I feel like I was in such a bigggg hole and never felt comfortable... Felt guilty 24/7 never felt welcome... Or felt like i was ok.. or anything.. it made me judge who I am as a person XP lol THATS A PROBLEM like idk if I can like go back to that... I just don't know... She means the world and do it for her... But I never feel welcome... :(

And when I lay it out. Expose my soul and tell you how I feel. I don't even warrant a response. And it scares the ever loving shit out of me. But its no big deal it's just me nobody that's important

100 Inspirational Quotes That Will Change Your Life 44

Who knew and I was so sick and just needed a friend. Of course I’m the piece of shit person! Why do people love to point fingers but don’t take accountability for their own bad behaviors. I’ve been abused and ducked up for

Did nt love too deeply until youre sure..but if you are afaid, you will miss out on what could have been..Dive in the waters lukewarm, lol!♡

Did nt love too deeply until youre sure.but if you are afaid, you will miss out on what could have been.Dive in the waters lukewarm, lol!

Nancy Briggs, nineteen, is visiting the Ethel Island for the season. As a child she had lived on Ethel island with her Aunt and brother. At the age of seventeen she had left her family and decided to go to Detective Training school in New York. When she was on the island people would label her as meek or quiet. After years of being off the she has molded into a new character. You can usually catch her walking along the pier to catch a glimpse of the mysterious island she left behind.

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