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Benefits of power nap - Dr. Axe #health #holistic #natural

Is napping good or bad for your health? Turns out, the science is in favor of the power nap. So if you feel fatigued, try adding a power nap to your routine.

Nap plays a greater role in our daily health; it relaxes the body & reduces the daily stress from our hectic lifestyles. Many napping techniques been identified to increase the productivity & creativity. Studies have also shown that napping helps decrease the risk from heart disease. There are some napping techniques shown in this info-graph see what works for you.

How to nap effectively [infographic] Note: if I made an infographic, I'd proof it for spelling errors. I'm sure they meant to say "Quiet place" instead of "Quite place".

How to power nap

How to Power Nap. Whether you're nodding off during the afternoon slump at the office, working a double or night shift at work, or fighting drowsiness while driving, a power nap can decrease stress and make you more alert and.