apple prints

Apple Stamped Tote - fun art project for kids and great gift for teacher.and perfect for apple day!

Would you sit & eat 21 sugar cubes - well you just did if you drank a bottle of REG softdrink! makes you think..this is something we should be looking at more often! 4th Grade: Food & Nutrition

The Amount Of Sugar In Food, Expressed In Sugar Cubes. A thing to keep in mind is natural sugar is better than artificial sugar.

Celebrate Mardi Gras with The Princess and the Frog | Home is Where the Mouse is

Celebrate Mardi Gras with The Princess and the Frog

The Princess and the Frog Party theme. Frogs are made of green apple and grapes. The frog eyes are grapes with a tiny hole cut into them, then chocolate chips inserted.

Druif - bananenschijfje - aardbei kerstmannetje

Fun and healthy Christmas food ideas for kids. Isn't this clever: Fun and healthy Christmas food ideas for kids. Isn't this clever

The Very Hungry Caterpillar ideas

The Very Hungry Caterpillar activities and ideas

Gezond eten voor kinderen (tips!)

Valentine's Day Food Ideas for Kids and Adults

Kids Valentines Day Party - healthy heart fruits need a heart shaped cookie cutter

Toverstafjes+van+watermeloen+en+bosbessen of met druiven

Fourth of July Wands packed with healthy fruit and a ton of fun for kids. An easy to make recipe, no food coloring and a ways to get kids involved cooking.

Pear! by sommer21-all-was-well on Polyvore featuring art

Create a collage of colors that make up an object (red for apples, yellow for a banana, etc.

FRUTAS Y VERDURAS DE COLOR ROJO. Son muy ricos en vitamina C, que ayuda a estimular la renovación celular en el cuerpo. El licopeno ayuda a reducir el daño de los radicales libres en nuestro cuerpo y también previene las enfermedades del corazón, cáncer, problemas de próstata, y reduce el daño en la piel causado por el sol. Estos alimentos ayudan a la función de memoria, el tracto urinario, y hace que nuestro corazón se mantenga sano.

Red fruits and veggies have lycopene, which helps reduce damage from free radicals in your body and it also prevents heart disease, cancer, prostrate problems, and reduces the skin damage from the sun.