How-to Tunisan crochet!  This is WAY easier than I thought it would be!!  I love this, especially for scarves!!!

Best crochet tutorial I've seen! Super easy: How-to Tunisan crochet! Looks like knitting but is actually a super easy crochet stitch

DIY #crochet

Crochet Slippers-Amazing DIY Ideas DIY Crafts Rachel I want a pair for christmas!

Not knitting, but crochet. With tutorial. By Handwerkjuffie.

HANDICRAFTS missy: Not knitting . but ridges HOOKS Tutorial is in another language but translates roughly to an easy ribbed crochet scarf - crochet only in front loop to create ribs and crochet lengthwise.

In Treble Afghan Square pattern by Julie Yeager

How pretty! In Treble Afghan Square - by Julie Yeager - Crocheted in the round like a granny square, this textural beauty will remind you of an endless field of flowers. Worked primarily in treble crochet, three rows of border will bring it up to

love this! so pretty

Add some crocheted lace to an IKEA Lidan storage basket and you have a [taller] DIY version of this lovely basket from La Maison Bleue. For those of you who, like me do not live near an IKEA here is.