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The bare facts of a destination. Especially for the structopaths: TOP TENNERS. Stories stripped down to 10 bite-size chunks of where to go and what to see.
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Kreuzkölln, 10 hotspots - Nomad & Villager

There is Neukölln and then there is Kreuzberg pinched between former GDR boroughs. Together they offer the best Kreuzkölln hotspots

Leuven, 10 hotspots - Nomad & Villager

Leuven is the oldest university town in the Low Countries with a beautiful medieval town center. We share Leuven, 10 hotspots

Iceland 10 hotspots - Nomad & Villager

It is kind of hard to name 10 hotspots in Iceland since the entire island is a hot spot. But we made an effort and here it is: Iceland 10 hotspots.

Travel stories, 10 hotspots online - Nomad & Villager

Write a novel. I would settle for finishing either of the two I have started!

Rotterdam South Bank, 10 hotspots - Nomad & Villager

A museum between high rise, shopping for locally manufactured gifts or preparing a homemade lunch in a restaurant? 10 hot spots on the Rotterdam South Bank.

Ten best countries to live in - Nomad & Villager

Where is the best place to live? Is that Australia? Or is it Singapore where life expectancy is among the highest? The ten best countries to live in.

Kreuzkölln, 10 hotspots - Nomad & Villager

Together they offer the best Kreuzkölln hotspots

Bilbao 10 tips

Bilbao transformed from a ugly industrial duckling into a beautiful design swan on the Nervión. 10 x Bilbao tips from locals.

The landscape of West Flanders stil shows the gaping wounds of the First World War. 10 hotspots for war and peace in Ypres & poperinge.

This year’s poppy campaign will have special meaning (with video)

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