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In STORIES we try to grasp what is it drives people. Why didn't Jan Baptiste flee to England instead of ending up dead in Adinkerke? What is it that gives the Syrian refugee hope when all seems lost? How do you become the best Norwegian musher when you are barely twenty two?
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Street kids of Sarajevo - Nomad & Villager

Street kids of Sarajevo are not proper taken care of because simply no one cares. So they beg in te streets illegaly and are often victim of crime.

Harley with a fur coat - Nomad & Villager

The days that sled dogs played their part in expeditions are long gone. Sled dogs are still driven on long journeys. We went in search of a husky musher.

The Highlands in fifty shades of grey - Nomad & Villager

The Scottish Highlands in fifty shades of grey - Nomad & Villager

Iceland, land of ravens and arctic foxes - Nomad & Villager

The raven skims over the young arctic fox who nibbles on some grass. A fairy tale in Iceland.

Ostend's perfume

Travelling through Ostend by bike is travelling through a city, loved by its people, artists and the well to do. Infected by Ostend's perfume.