DIY ~~ making string ornaments. très chouette mais qu'y a-t-il dans le bol? je ne lis pas le russe !                                                                                                                                                                                 More

25 DIY Christmas Ideas You Must Try In 2015

Xmas Deco Make small ones to add to little xmas trees. Red and white for lounge tree and blue and silver for dining room Maybe do whole shown display on patio DIY ~~ making string ornaments.

Leuk als toetje voor bijvoorbeeld kerst!

Easy edible chocolate ice cream bowls using BALLOONS! To make the bowl look like marble add white chocolate in another sauce pan and swirl on bowl. Fill with yogurt or ice cream, topped w/ berries!

Hartige kerstkoekjes - bladerdeeghapjes kerst - Christmas cookies savoury - Christmaholic

Hartige kerstkoekjes: feestelijke bladerdeeghapjes

These are about the cutest, chubbiest Christmas trees and stars. So good for a snack, with a good cuppa or/and a/several good beer(s) ….

bacon Cups voor sla

Bacon Cups for salad or mashed potatoes. I don't know if this is a brilliant idea or a terrible one! Brilliant because yum! Terrible because it gives me the excuse to eat SO MUCH that negated by putting a salad in it?

Heerlijke salade met vijgen, geitenkaas, walnoten en balsamico

Walnuts, figs, arugula, goat cheese, drizzled w balsamic reduction. Heaven on a salad plate. Grilled salmon anyone?

BIJGERECHT - Recept - Aardappelwaaiers - Allerhande


Dit lekkere kerstgerecht kun je prima als bijgerecht of als voorgerecht serveren. Maak de kipcocktails bijvoorbeeld al in de ochtend en bewaar ze in de koelkast totdat het kerstdiner gaat beginnen. Al

Kerstgerecht: Kipcocktail (Lekker en simpel)

Lekker en Simpel uploaded this image to 'Lekker en Simpel/dec See the album on Photobucket.

Vegetarische mini-quiches

Vegetarische mini-quiches

A simple Mini vegetable quiches recipe for you to cook a great meal for family or friends. Buy the ingredients for our Mini vegetable quiches recipe from Tesco today.

lekkere aardappel/uien cakejes

As far as we're concerned, these are the best potato kugels! JOY of KOSHER recommends them as cups for maximum crunch, but a casserole dish works well too.

Aardappels, maar dan net even anders. Leuk voor een diner of met de kerst.

*Potato Roses, Difficult to roll even Mandolin slices thin. Soak potato slices in melted butter. Overlap 8 potato slices than roll to form the rose. Put in muffin tin.