"And in the end we are just humans, drunk on the idea that love, only love, could heal our brokenness." So beautiful I had to write it down again ( Only God can heal our brokenness)


Rumi Quote: Raise Your Words, Not Your Voice, It Is Rain That Grows Flowers, Not Thunder - another inspirational thought for you to enjoy today!

How do you spell love? — Winnie the Pooh

23 of Our All-Time Favorite Kids' Book Quotes

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This would be fun just to tack up on the library bulletin board. It would give a few people a smile :) and put up different Scripture - The Word of God, and to be reconciled to God is what we all need, Jesus Christ does just that : BELIEVE


So true.I was blessed with some great teachers! I hope I'm that inspiration for one of my students one day! So many teachers have inspired me. and I'm blessed to keep in touch with most of them!

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Loesje over koopkracht Purchasing power - the power (strength) to not buy things you don't need