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Also Pidge is fourteen and basically the resident little-sister-who-probably-bites but this is hilarious

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I don't actively ship klance but the fandom is so genius when it comes to them I can't stop pinning it

I just image him slapping the other Paladins on his birthday

I just image him slapping the other Paladins on his birthday<<he should slap Lance on the mouth. With his mouth.//His excuse is “it’s my birthday my rules” while he knocks lance across the room.

Lance would be a Leo (he has the same bday as my bro) and Keith is JUUUUST on the Scorpio line, and apparently that relationship is "very intense" and "passionate".

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I'm an INFP and a nerd, and I find it hilarious that most of my close peeps (an INTJ, 2 INTPs, and an ENTP) are nerd trash! XD (Though both the ENFPs I know are also nerd trash, they're just adorable nerd trash).