Diy wedding decorations

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three wine glasses filled with plants on top of a wooden table
Tamsyn Morgans | Four Ways To Upcycle Vintage Glasses
Four Ways To Upcycle Vintage Glasses - The Villa on Mount Pleasant
there is a glass of wine on the table next to some rocks and plants in it
Fir or pine cuttings as table centerpieces.… | Herb centerpieces, Wedding centerpieces, Flower centerpieces wedding
herbal wedding centerpiece | Herb Centerpieces
a plant in a square glass vase on a table
Austin Texas Military Wedding from Shannon Cunningham Photography
Tablepiece: Vineyard Military Wedding (4th of July): Amy + Kep
three candles are sitting on a gold plate with greenery and pink roses in it
Dollar Store Chargers and Candles
The Dollar Tree has gold and silver round chargers that work great at centerpieces! They also usually have a large variety of glasses and candles. Put those three together and you have frugal but elegant centerpieces!