a flat horizontal surface

not necessarily...
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two pictures side by side one has a chair and the other has a book shelf
bookshelf created out of apple crates
two wooden shelves on the side of a white brick wall next to a black and white shelf
beautiful organic wooden shelf
a circular book shelf with books on it
circular book shelf
a close up of a wooden shelf on a wall with shelves in the shape of hexagonal shapes
perfect corner shelf
a laptop computer sitting on top of a wooden shelf
your entire office made from one shelf
a woman sitting on a couch reading a book and holding a glass of red wine
a book shelf you can comfortably sit on
a room with a chair, desk and shelves on the wall that are made out of cardboard
sculptural triangular shelves - design it yourself
three wooden shelves with vases, bottles and flowers in them on top of each shelf
rolling shelf - use only as much shelf as you need!
an image of a book shelf under the stairs
Fabulous book storage under the stairs!
a living room filled with lots of books and furniture
wet behind the ears.
little library
a shelf filled with lots of different kinds of glassware
The Art of Kitchen Shelving - Reusing shipping crate wood for shelves
three shelves with books and vases on them
book shelf - literally