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an apple crisp is served in a skillet with ice cream and spoons on the side
Apple Crisp (Paleo, Vegan, Gluten-Free)
Topped with a nutty, cinnamon-infused, oat-free crunchy crust, this gluten-free, paleo, vegan, and grain-free apple crisp recipe will knock your socks off. You’ll be proud to serve this better-for-you apple crisp to your friends and family—and as it bakes, it’ll will make your house smell amazing, too!
apple crispy is an easy and delicious dessert that's ready to be eaten
Gluten Free Apple Crisp (secret ingredient!) | Get Inspired Everyday!
Get ready for the best apple crisp of your life, and no it's really not an exaggeration. This Gluten Free Apple Crisp is the the tastiest and best flavored apple crisp thanks to 1 simple secret, orange juice! That's right, just a touch of orange juice takes your usual apple crisp right over the top. It's also naturally gluten-free with a dairy-free and vegan option as well. It's perfect for fall and always welcome at holidays.
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an apple blueberry crumble with ice cream in it and two plates on the side
Easy Apple Blueberry Crumble
Embrace the flavors of summer with our delightful apple blueberry crumble! Featuring warm apples and blueberries topped with a buttery oat crumble, it's a seasonal treat worth savoring.
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a chocolate pie sitting on top of a wooden cutting board next to a knife and fork
Salted Chocolate Tart (Paleo, AIP)
This is a stunning no-bake dessert - and can be frozen for up to 6 months, so if you only need it for yourself, make the whole thing and treat yourself
a dessert in a black bowl with whipped cream on top
Pumpkin Mug Cake (Paleo, Gluten Free) - Nom Nom Paleo®
This two-minute gluten-free paleo pumpkin mug cake is a quick and delicious way to use up your leftover pumpkin puree! A paleo and gluten-free pumpkin mug
palen and keto flourless cookies stacked on top of each other with text overlay
4-Ingredient Keto & Paleo Flourless Cookies (Soft & Chewy)
These perfectly soft and chewy paleo flourless cookies only use 4 ingredients, and can easily be customized with various add-ins. Even gluten-lovers can’t get enough of these!
chocolate covered chickpeas on a plate with text overlay that reads mexican chocolate covered chickpeas
Mexican Chocolate Covered Chickpeas
These easy Mexican Chocolate Covered Chickpeas are crispy on the inside and covered with dark chocolate and warm spices on the outside.
there is a loaf of bread with blueberries on the side and a banana next to it
GRAIN-FREE Chocolate Chip Banana Bread (gluten-free)
chocolate cookies are stacked on top of each other with the words, almond butter chocolate cookies gluten free dairy free
Chocolate Almond Butter Cookies | Get Inspired Everyday!
These Double Chocolate Almond Butter Cookies are easy to stir together and perfectly fudgy. These flourless cookies are naturally gluten-free, dairy-free, and paleo as well. They're a huge hit with everyone, and make a perfect homemade gift! You can stir these cookies together in just minutes with no need for an electric stand mixer. These cookies are also loaded with chocolate flavor on 2 levels from the cocoa powder plus the chocolate chips.
a stack of cookies sitting on top of a white plate
Gluten-Free Snickerdoodles: Crispy, Chewy, and Paleo!
Who’s craving some grain-free and gluten-free snickerdoodles that are crispy, chewy, tangy, and perfectly sweet? These paleo cookies are made with natural ingredients like almond flour, coconut sugar, and cinnamon, and are an absolute cinch to make!
easy chocolate cake with raspberries on top and the words easy chocolate cake above it
Keto Chocolate Cake (gluten free, keto, lowcarb) * Easy Keto Dishes
Are you ready for a delicious keto chocolate cake recipe you can indulge in without guilt, any time of year? #keto #lowcarb #desserts #chocolatecake
a blue plate topped with bananas covered in gravy on top of a table
Healthier Banana Foster - Real Food RN
A classic, simple dessert that was originally created at a restaurant in New Orleans in the 1950s. It’s easy to throw together and will curb any sweet tooth. You can feel good about eating this healthy version.
an advertisement for carrot cake cinnamon rolls
Carrot Cake Cinnamon Rolls (Healthy Vegan Recipe With Added Almond Flour) - All Purpose Veggies
Everything I love about homemade carrot cake is baked into these perfectly soft and moist carrot cake cinnamon rolls: the brown sugar flavor, the walnuts, raisins and silky cream cheese frosting. The packed shredded carrots and almond flour are healthy ingredient additions that helps turn these rolls into a healthy but scrumptious treat but also vegan friendly and easy to make. #cinnamonroll #cinnamonrolls #carrotcake
blueberry muffins with white glaze on top and the words almond flour
Almond Flour Blueberry Muffins | Get Inspired Everyday!
Enjoy all the classic flavors of this childhood favorite with these healthy Almond Flour Blueberry Muffins. Made with real food ingredients and no refined sugar, these muffins are the perfect healthy treat. This muffin recipe is made with almond flour and is the perfect combination of moist and fluffy. Serve them straight out of the oven with butter, or cool and glaze for an extra gorgeous look.
apple pie bars are stacked on top of each other with the words, glutenfree
Apple Pie Bars (gluten free) | Get Inspired Everyday!
Buttery soft apple slices perfectly spiced with cinnamon over a shortbread crust with a streusel topping, these Gluten Free Apple Pie Bars get even better with a drizzle of my homemade caramel. They're naturally gluten-free & paleo with a dairy-free option as well. They're also made with a secret ingredient, (orange juice), for even more depth of flavor. Enjoy these easy to make apple pie bars with your next Thanksgiving or Christmas menu.
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