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Self promotion idea. For those of you lucky enough to have a "Me" in your name - it doesn't get more creative or eye catching as this.  Any letters in your name that could be a variation on this idea?


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a watermelon that has shoes on it and is being displayed in front of an instagram
Installed! #premiatashoes #joanntanstudio #visualmerchandising #windowdisplay
the text is written in black and white on a piece of paper that says, how you
Every time I read these I always with that someone knew me so well as to notice the empty ness in my laugh and ask if I’m ok...that’s the kinda of relationship I want
a woman's face with the words written on it
Toyota Rhombus Concept: The Futuristic Diamond-Layout EV
Amazing Magazine Layout Design Idea (25)
a man is jumping in the air with his legs spread out
Poolhouse - Coming Soon
Simple layout design ideas for PPT #powerpoint #keynote #ppt
three black and white banners with i love my hero
advertising on Tumblr
Durex: Love is Blind (secret messages) | Condom ads, designed by Samuel Michael.
two people are facing each other in the middle of a circle
Ads of the World™
Penguin Audiobooks: Oscar Wilde
an old man is hanging upside down with his head on another man's back
Ads of the World™
Penguin Audiobooks: Mark Twain
two people are facing each other with their heads in the middle of one another's head
Ads of the World™
Penguin Audiobooks: William Shakespeare
the logo for friendship is blue and has an image of a smiling face on it
Logos | LogoLounge Logo Design Inspiration and Logo Design Competition
Diseño gráfico Más
the logo for cat walk, which is designed to look like a high heeled shoe
500 Logo design ideas in 2021 | logo design, logos, design
woordmerk, beeldmerk en vignet
an image of some type of font that is in different shapes and sizes, including the letters
circle typeface
Circle Typeface by Oscar Lopes, via Behance