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bathroom tiles (Nordic leaves)

Light grey tile floor running behind bath; then right side exposed brick painted white + chunky wooden shelves above hidden cistern displaying plants & hand towels; left side feature wall of dark grey with zuster cabinet

Moderne badkamer. Van Wanrooij

Pretty Free Standing Toilet Paper Holder look London Contemporary Bathroom Decoration ideas with bathroom bathroom window book shelf brushed steel contemporary glass top gray tile floor gray (Top Design Window)

Huizen-modern-country-home-bathroom2.Hi, You love Dreamhouses and need impressions : financing, floor plans, exterior cladding, roof, Windows, electrics, heating, doors, Hall, living / dining room, kitchen, laundry, bedroom, bathroom, workroom, wall - flooring, gardens , garages and more. NEW-HOUSESOLUTIONS created beautyful pages for you.

Modern And Transparent Country Home With A Car Gallery

Villa in Huizen by De Brouwer Binnenwerk We like this white sink and toilet, earlier concern about built in toilets

De keuken is steeds meer het hart van de woning en dat weet ook Eiken Project. Daarom houden ze dit weekend (6 en 7 december) opendeurdagen in hun toonzaal in Kapellen (België). U kunt er van 10 tot 18 uur terecht voor keukens, retrofornuizen, tafels, stoelen … Maar ook badkamermeubels en tegelkachels zullen van de partij zijn. En dit alles uiteraard in een mooie, pure, landelijke stijl. Meer info: © Claude Smekens

Like how extractor and lighting above hob hidden and high enough that not constantly banging head.

1092 A library in a French-style house. Bookcases run all the way up to very high ceilings, at least 12 feet high, and a ladder would be necessary to access the higher shelves (although one is not shown). Very traditional furnishings and decorator book sets finish the space. [Nice arrangement of the small desk with a sitting area. The ottoman keeps it from feeling like an office.]

My dream home office space. European luxury home office style. I love the use of leather and wood.

new slim radiators : gov-free freestanding cast iron radiators - 2.5" deep . $100 each - governale, brooklyn 1917

House Call: Elizabeth Roberts in Brooklyn

The entryway features the original marble floor and a new slim radiator from Governale. Double doors, think about tiles for the floor. this is lovely, and a fake second door can make a tiny entry look like a historical architectural detail.  Winkelpand, Oude Bredaseweg 10, Etten-Leur. Tekening: Andries Koster. Winkelpand, Oude Bredaseweg 10, Etten-Leur. Tekening: Andries Koster.