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four different colored trains are shown on the same train track, each with its own color
Blog mit selbst erstellten Unterrichtsmaterialien für die Grundschule/Volksschule zum Download. Mathematik - Deutsch - Sachunterricht
a classroom door decorated with the sun and flowers
Crayon door, back to school door,
Crayon door, back to school door, We are going to have a colorful year, back to school door, our ...
a door decorated with stickers and pictures
bulletin board with clothes pins and magnets attached to the back of it in front of a door
Doelenmuur kleuters
an image of two cards with numbers and characters in different colors, one has the number five
Doelen rekenen / Kleuters |
Doelen rekenen / Kleuters |
a colorful bulletin board with pictures on it
Leermuur gecijferdheid kleuters: Elke kleur geeft een ontwikkelingsfase aan.
there are many different colored items on the table
Juf Lindsay
Juf Lindsay: december 2013
the back to school coloring page is filled with items that include an apple, backpack and water bottle
colorful paper kites are hanging from the window in front of a computer screen with writing on them