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Art for domestic violence awareness.

Domestic violence has several facets. In this picture there appears to be the shadow of a woman who is unseen by society, a woman's face who wants to believe he still loves her, and the head of a woman in her hands feeling hopeless and lost.


negative space, positive message: against domestic abuse

aware organization campaign by Agnes Natalie, via Behance

Domestic Violence is not a new social issue. Although is not as big as other social issues out there, but the percentage of domestic violence always increase each year. of abused women out there tend not to report the incidents. They were scared, conf&

Boring job kills Career with a Cause" is a forum that aims to gather people who want to work in NGO’s dealing with social policy, ecology, development and support of civil society, human rights, culture, tourism and other.

How often we are satisfied with our work? Just bring to the mind a moment, when you were happy with the fact, that you work exactly what you want on the place that you want, and it’s something worthy. We felt that way when we decided to wo…