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a blue and white frame with roses on the border is shown in this image, it looks Design, Background, Frame, Wallpaper, Apl, A4, Fiestas, Labels, Save
an orange and yellow border with leaves on it, in the middle of a white background Hoa, Anand, Diploma, My Photo Gallery
a colorful frame with flowers and leaves on the edges is shown in red, green, yellow Logo, Photo Background Images, Papier, Certificate Background, Poster Background Design, Background Design
กรอบ...สวยด้วย GSP ชุดที่2
กรอบ...สวยด้วย GSP ชุดที่2
an apple with a leaf on it and a pink circle Decoration, Art, Nama, Kartu Nama, Sanat, Collage Template
a green pear with a leaf on it's head next to a round frame Instagram, Fruit, Cute Doodles, Ppe, Kawaii Doodles
a cartoon banana with eyes peeking out from behind a circle Kids, Childhood, Ilustrasi, Clip Art, Noon, Clip Art Borders
an award ribbon with a star on it Knutselen, Basteln, Cute Clipart, Creative, Banner, Cartoon Clip Art
a purple and yellow award seal with a ribbon around the edge, on a white background Taekwondo, Stickers, Clip Art Pictures, Origami Crafts, Melonheadz
two stickers with cartoon characters on them, one is holding a pinwheel and the other has an umbrella Cte, Ange, Idea Creativas, School, Kindergarden