Nuria Vidal
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Mole in a Hole: Make a mole like in the picture, tape a large craft stick to it, and cut a slit in the bottom of the cup. Stick it in the cup and through the slit so you can make him peek out. Add grass blades to the edge to give the kids a bit more to do. Maybe even add flowers!

Moles are funny little creatures, and usually the only evidence we have of them is the unsightly mounds that appear in our gardens and fields! Their underground nature is emphasised in this cute mole puppet craft.

Egel stempelen met vork

Using forks for printing. Would make such a cute project for Kdg. I could see them making some very funny porcupines! Fork stamp would be good for hay stacks or a dog. Can use fork for upper grades and manipulate so just 2 prongs were printed and etc.