Tabletop lamp from old toys

Old, or New Toys = New Lamp! Get a lamp, get some toys (or whatever items you want), get your hot-glue gun, and start gluing items onto the lamp! Spray paint the whole thing when finished and tada! New lamp!


Wall Pallet Lamp - Wood Lamps - iD Lights ❤️use like a screen to make a fake entry and not walk directly into living room.

Turn yard waste that would otherwise end up in landfills or a fireplace, into a sturdy piece of outdoor furniture.

HomeMade Modern DIY Log Lounger Postcard We have logs! We could actually make this - what an awesome chair for the garden!

Voor ruimtes waar je denkt dat je niks mee kunt doen. Toch een mooie opberg ruimte extra. Voor alle hoekjes in huis.

Bathroom-Storage in your Midtown Atlanta Condo can always be a challenge. Here is a brilliant bathroom storage idea; moving kitchen spice cabinet concept to the bathroom

bottle holder

Top 10 DIY Unique Vinyl Records Recycle

Vilt gordijn met veel kleur - huisje creatief

DIY Cupcake Holders

IKEA Hackers: IKEA Furniture Hacker Style - Bit Rebels

IKEA Hackers: IKEA Furniture Hacker Style

Need a place for clothes in between wearing and ready for laundry? Inspired by a design from Laphoeff, buy two second-hand Ikea Bertil chairs and make them into dress boys.

Maak leuke vaasjes door een leeg blikje bier of frisdrank in te deuken en te verven met spuitverf.

DIY Inspiration - Crumpled Soda Cans upcycled into Flower Vases using Spray Paint. (Great craft for kids - I'm thinking Mother's Day)

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