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a close up of a bug with water droplets on it's eyes
Macro - Perl Eyes II
a close up shot of a blue insect
~Blue Monday~
Damselfly (suborder Zygoptera) Reptiles, Damselflies, Fauna, Animals Wild, Damselfly, Wildlife, Arthropods, Animals And Pets, Animals Beautiful
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Damselfly (suborder Zygoptera)
a purple dragonfly sitting on top of a green plant
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Rhyothemis fuliginosa- yes I know its not a butterfly- but i love dragonflies too
a blue and green dragonfly sitting on top of a leaf with its wings spread
blue dragonfly    チョウトンボ
For the dragonfly, of course.
a large blue insect sitting on top of a purple flower
Get a load of those baby blues! Did you know that the damselfly (seen here) is a relative of the dragonfly, and they both belong to an order that means "toothed ones"? (Photo: Murray Clarke)