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When sailing you have to deal with whatever is on board. Especially with ocean passages and non-vegetarian crew the food part becomes a challenge. These recepis, items and food will help to stay healthy and happy on board of a sailboat
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Probiotics. To keep the second brain healthy. Good gut health means good health. Especially during ocean sailing passages fiber intake from fruits and veggies go to a minimum. In case there’s no fibers around (happens especially on boats) a probiotic supplement helps.

The high count of Bifidobacteria in this Ultimate Care probiotic from Garden of Life helps maintain better health through the digestive system.

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Dominica Eco Budget Accommodation in nature

Eco Friendly Travel Kit: What to pack for zero waste and positive impact travel? The ultimate guide!

Traveling vegan that also hitchhikes on boats. Cool girl!

Traveling vegan that also hitchhikes on boats.

An organic superfood drink meal to stay healthy during off the beaten path travel, long busdrives, sailing passages and adventures when there is only crappy or no food around.

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