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Draw design with a white crayon/colored pencil, then paint blue, and lastly after almost dry add/glue colored tissue paper scraps on top!

Math Centers - Winter (Beginning Skills) 127 pages. A page from the unit: Count and Graph

Winter Math Centers for Kindergarten

Make a die with matching pictures. Roll and move markers up to see what winter clothing makes it to 5 first.

FREE Read the Room for math with this fun set of ten frames snowmen! This would be fun as a countdown to Christmas craft.

Leg de plaatjes van de sneeuw in logische volgorde , juf Petra van kleuteridee, thema winter voor kleuters, Snowman sequence free printable.

Put the pictures of the snow in logical order, Miss Petra nursery idea, winter theme for preschoolers, Snowman sequence free printable.

Versje over vogels in de winter

Versje over vogels in de winter