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These simple strength training exercises, combined with cardio, will help you burn fat and tone every muscle in your back.

Make your legs scream with this new leg day workout! Barbell Squats-3 sets of 12 reps Hold on to the bar using both arms at each side. Position your legs using a shoulder-width medium stance with the toes slightly pointed out. Keep your head up at all times and maintain a straight back. Begin to ...

FLOUR CHART: How Flours Compare for Carbs and Protein Content. Note: Gluten-free does not mean healthy. Rice and Potato flour for example, are high starch/high carb flours which spike blood sugar and lead to health issues. Try flax, almond, coconut flours.

The best low carb bread recipe, it can be used for rolls, loaf bread, buns, pizza and more! Less than 3 g of net carbs per serving.

ULTRA LOW-CARB CREPES ~ Like the real thing and a carb bargain at 1.0 gram carbohydrate each! Visit us for more recipes at:

Chickpea flour fritters

Cauliflower ‘Bread’ with Avocado

8 Minute No Crunch Ab Burner via #workout #fitness

8 Minute No Crunch Ab Burner via #workout #fitness

ab workout.