I love this. So simple.  I think I will try to DIY this. Radient Sconce by Rich Brilliant Willing

With no visible fasteners or light sources to be found, the Radient family of table lamps and wall sconces’ simple presentation belies sophisticated construction. Light emanates from behind solid-wood

coming to a bedroom near me, soon. | The Big Bubble, from Dutch designer Alex de Witte I LOVE IT!

The Big Bubble by Alex de Witte

"The big Bubble is a very huge light made of blown glass." Big Bubble by Alex de Witte

Light by Steven Banken #greatdesign

Really Well Made - Delightfull - Dutshdesignyear - Aliexpress - DesignAlmic - Workshopped - Design Milk

Kinetic Lights

Kinetic Lights

Michael Anastassiades produces his artistic, modern, collectable and sculptural works in limited quantities. The glass work is free-blown, the stone work is hand-carved and the metal finishes are bespoke. Each one is meticulously fabricat.

Rhythm Light by Susanne de Graef

Susanne de graef - rhythm of light lamp

Rythm of Light is an adjustable pendant lamp inspired by the hoops of crinoline skirts made by Susanne de Graef.

Fresnel Light by Dirk vander Kooij


atelier robotiQ lamps at OODE amsterdam

Atelier robotiq - ufo copper

These amazing lamps are made by atelier Robotiq.

Limpid lights Vantot 2015 10.jpg

For Sale on - Manipulating light by moving the light source. In addition to Vantot’s collection Exploded View, Limpid Lights continues on the idea of manipulating

FIBER PATTERN LAMPS fiber pattern lamp— Atelier Robotiqatelier robotiq

Atelier Robotiq is a Rotterdam based designers collective. We design lighting and furniture which we manufacture ourselves using a industrial robot.

Fresnel Light by Dirk vander Kooij


The Fresnel Light by Dirk Vander Kooij is a pendant lamp and is inspired on the Fresnel lens, a lens used in lighthouses.