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some cards are sitting on a table with markers and pens in them, one has an orange bow
Presentje voor de juf 'Easel Post-It Note houders' met een mini gelpen
Craft Sensations: Geschenk für den Lehrer 'Staffelei Post-It Hinweis Inhaber mit einem Mini-Gel-Stift
a baby's photo in a shadow box frame
candy wrappers are wrapped in red and white paper
Hershey's One Kiss Heart
Introducing the tiniest Hershey's Kiss Heart that I've ever made. I've made hearts that hold 4 kisses, 6 kisses, even 22 kisses, but th...
four valentine's day gift bags with pink polka dots on them and a chalkboard sign
Happy Valentine's Day Tags ....
Chelsea's Creative Corner
Adornos en madera Diy Crafts, Miniature, Artesanato, Fai Da Te, Bricolage, Diy Basket
Adornos en madera
three different pictures with the names of people on them
20 DIY Photo Gift Ideas & Tutorials
Magic Box presente da foto. caixa de presente foto arredondada, com suas mensagens. Grandes presentes para qualquer um em sua vida.
the package contains two hand creams and a tube of toothpaste in it
Niet alleen leuk om te krijgen, maar ook om te geven. #HEMA #bedankt #DIY #cadeau
an image of a christmas card holder made out of candy and some kind of paper
leuk gedichtje voor kerst. Foto geplaatst door Natasja456789 op Welke.nl
leuk gedichtje voor kerst
three jars filled with candy sitting on top of a wooden table next to a potted plant
De WonderWerkplaats
Afscheidscadeautje - Potje 'Het zit d'rop!' Leuk om zelf te maken! www.buufkes.blogspot.com Kijk ook voor gepersonaliseerde bedankjes op www.dewonderwerkplaats.nl
four different envelopes with stamps on them sitting next to each other in front of a carpeted floor
Мини-альбом фотопапка для девочки.
МарусьКины игрушКи: Мини-альбом фотопапка для девочки.
a cross made out of old fashioned christmas cards
HobbyVision Creative Crew
HobbyVision Design Team
a card with an image of a little boy holding a knife in it's hand
Du er en av en million
Toilet Paper Tube Centerpiece. would look cute to put a battery operated tea light inside:)
a valentine's day treat bag is shown on the app store page, with instructions to make it
Chocolates para San Valentin