Who would have thought the humble coat hanger could be such a focal point? At Merci, the ultra chic lifestyle boutique in Paris, the walls are currently adorned with this impressive collection of hangers of all shapes and sizes, once again pulling off the store’s clever visual merchandising trick of making the, well, downright ordinary seem all of a sudden so much more appealing! Proof that there’s power in numbers, non?

the humble coat hanger, I have collected for years, and love them all. It is just a simple thing, something to hang your clothes on, but they get reinvented all the time. One of my favorite things.

Stock caters to the paradox of fast living and slow food in Amsterdam. The restaurant acknowledges the vibrant nightlife of the city with an indulgent all-day breakfast and delicious baked goods made of locally grown ingredients. #Amsterdam #Foodies

The Exchange Hotel, Amsterdam. An independent fashion hotel. Concept by Suzanne Oxenaar and Otto Nan, initiators of the Lloyd Hotel Cultural Embassy in Amsterdam and the Llove Hotel in Tokyo