Oohhh...gonna so do this for my herb garden!

Terra-cotta pot tower … a good idea for an herb garden … takes very little space


Mason Jar Wall Planter Learn how to create an adorable indoor or outdoor wall planter. These jars would look so cute on a kitchen wall filled with herbs! You can make your own wall planter by using mason jars, an old board, and pipe clamps.

Suitcase Shelves

20 DIY Vintage Suitcase Decorating Ideas to create. Vintage suitcases - for accessorizing a room, extra storage or repurposed into a piece of furniture

XDModo Solar Sunflower

Cool charger powered with solar energy. XDModo Solar Sunflower is a solar charger that collects sun’s energy through the solar panel and uses it to generate energy to charge your mobile phones. What a great alternative energy solution.

Valises faisant guise d'armoire ou de commode

Hanging is a great way to display product. Hang crates, suitcases, etc to get the most out of the space yet making the visual clean and inviting


this would be stunning with any vintage style dress, especially a fishtail cut in ivory.

Daniel Nolan's vertical garden

Staghorn_wall_ - Flora Grubb Gardens - This is sort of like the vegetarian/vegan equivalent of getting an animal head mounted on your wall

Moss Ring, Sylwia Calus

If you don't have a green thumb, you can get one step closer with this custom moss ring by Warsaw-based Sylwia Calus Design. The rings are made from resin with actual moss embedded inside. (via svpply)

Paul Smith Shop

'A Paul Smith store in Los Angeles in US. It's just a huge pink building, but i think it's enough to convey brand image to people.

nothing design group: smart phone notebook version. 2

Smart Phone Notebook Version 2 by Jin-Woog Koo, director of the Korean studio Nothing Design Group, is a brilliant mash-up of the two things designer carry around the most. Their phone and a sketch book.

in the near future!

Functional Informational Library Desk created with books. I can't imagine there isn't a book in that desk I want to read. I can see uses for a few old or damaged books but these look like they're in pretty good shape.

By Amfi (Amsterdam)

By Amfi (Amsterdam)