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Wat zijn de nieuwste modellen, de handigste snufjes voor de bbq? Hoe haal je nog meer uit je barbecue? Je ontdekt het hier.
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Le barbecue charbon de bois NK18K-LEG-1 Napoleon®
Découvrez notre barbecue charbon de bois NK18K-LEG-1 Napoleon®. Un barbecue compact avec la qualité certifiée Napoleon® : 🔥 Surface de cuisson de 47 cm 🔥 Doté d’une grille en inox 🔥 d’un grand cendrier amovible 🔥 de 4 pieds stables en acier inoxydable, dont 2 sont équipés de grandes roues robustes 🔥d’un thermomètre intégré pour réussir toutes vos cuissons. Programme de garantie Napoleon® sur 10 ans.
a chicken is being cooked on the grill with other food in it's pans
How to Spatchcock a Turkey
How to Spatchcock a Turkey
many large black grills are on display in a store
The Bastard keramische barbecues
the big red grills are ready to be put on display in the store for sale
Kamado Joe keramische barbecues
an outdoor grill on a deck with potted plants
Cuisines extérieures Napoleon® : agencement BIPRO665
Barbecue gaz encastrable Napoleon® série PRESTIGE PROᴹᴰ BIPRO665.
EGG Genius Sale
Do you need to feel more confident when controlling the temperature of your Big Green Egg, especially with low and slow cooks? Meet the EGG Genius – your ultimate grilling companion! Now on-sale until Dec 24th, 2023 for $199.95, normally $248. 95. Only at participating dealers, find a dealer near you. Makes a great gift!
a large black and red machine sitting on top of a brick floor next to a sign that reads welber
Weber palletbarbecue
a store filled with lots of black grills and wooden tables next to each other
The Bastard kamado barbecues in diverse maten
a big green egg sitting on top of a black grill in a store filled with lots of food
Big Green Egg MiniMax portable Nest met onderstel
an outdoor bbq grill is on display in a store
Weber gasbarbecues bij tuincentrum Osdorp
many large red grills are lined up on the floor in front of a store
Kamado Joe barbecues in alle maten!
a display in a store filled with lots of different types of boxes and items on top of each other
Boretti houtskoolbarbecues