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a wooden spoon sitting on top of a pan filled with granola next to a jar of nuts
Paleo Granola
Paleo Granola - how can something so healthy be so... good? If you think you have a favorite granola recipe, this one will take you by surprise. It's delicious, super filling and EASY to throw together!
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a banana sitting on top of a white plate next to a glass filled with oatmeal
Its helps you to not feel sleepy in the mornings,and has plenty of protein to hold me over until lunch!
an egg and tomato sandwich on a white plate with the words every kind of egg order explain
Simple Poached Egg and Avocado Toast
Simple Poached Egg and Avocado Toast #healthy #poached #eggs
a glass filled with liquid next to an orange slice on a marble counter top,
Strawberry Gingersnap Smoothie Recipe | Goop
Strawberry Gingersnap Smoothie on goop.com. http://goop.com/recipes/strawberry-gingersnap-smoothie/
a bowl of oatmeal with raspberries in it and a cup of tea
Chia Seed Pudding With Water | Goop
Chia Seed Pudding on goop.com. http://goop.com/recipes/chia-seed-pudding/
a white plate topped with sliced up pumpkins on top of a marble countertop
Baked Sweet Potato Recipe: How To Cook A Baked Sweet Potato | Goop
Baked Sweet Potato on goop.com. http://goop.com/recipes/baked-sweet-potato/
a glass bowl filled with granola next to a measuring cup
Clean Granola Recipe | Goop
Clean Granola on goop.com. http://goop.com/recipes/clean-granola/
collage of breakfast foods including granola, cereal and milk with text overlay that reads 15 gluten - free breakfast recipes
12 Breakfasts That Will Boost Your Gut Health
Delicious and easy gluten-free breakfast recipes to get your morning started right.
a green smoothie in a mason jar with a striped straw and an avocado on the side
Groene smoothie met avocado, spinazie, banaan & hazelnoot
Groene smoothie met avocado, banaan en spinazie
a glass jar filled with granola sitting on top of a wooden table next to a spoon
Boekweit chocolade granola | Yellow lemon tree
Chocolade boekweit granola | Yellow lemon tree
the ingredients to make this smoothie include bananas, ginger, cinnamon, and milk
Superfood Sunshine Orange Smoothie - Love and Lemons
superfood sunshine smoothies / @Love and Lemons
a red drink in a martini glass with a garnish on the top and bottom
Rens Kroes | Gojibessen shake
Gojibessenshake Goji-bessen bevatten meer dan twintig mineralen en maar liefst achttien aminozuren. Ook staan ze bekend om het vertragen van het verouderingsproces. De bessen hebben een friszure kersen/cranberry smaak. Dus perfect als snack of voor in de smoothie.
a green smoothie with red sprinkles on top
Recept: XXL Green Superfood Smoothie - De Groene Meisjes
met banaan, kiwi, citroensap, verse bladspinazie, chiazaad, etc... en een paar gojibessen voor de top
a pancake on a plate with a slice cut out and silverware next to it
Ovengebakken rijstpannenkoek met banaan en bosbessen | Yellow lemon tree
Ovenbaked rice pancake | Yellow lemon tree
a bowl filled with berries and cream on top of a table
Raspberry Lovers Quinoa Breakfast
#Recipe: Raspberry Lovers #Quinoa Breakfast