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Steve Kief

Steve Kief
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Matt is very talented but I absolutely love tom I feel like they should just be a band of 4 Tomas Matthew Delonge Matthew Tomas skiba mark Allan Hoppus and Travis Landon barker that would make a bomb band

Travis Barker

Jeremy Deputat is a commercial photographer shooting for advertising, music, editorial, and culture clients worldwide.

Blink-182. The band I have wanted to see the live the longest. No shame.

Blink 182 is the greatest punk rock band ever! I saw them live in Atlanta 2012 when they released their studio album Neighborhoods.

anime art

Anime picture original sugi (artist) long hair single tall image looking at viewer bare shoulders purple hair barefoot underwater hands behind back white eyes girl dress star (stars) white dress bubble (bubbles) fish (fishes) algae 324421 en