Yarn Wrapped Bee Craft - Simple Bug Crafts for Kids from Housing a Forest

Yarn Wrapped Bees ~ Simple Bug Crafts for Kids Not that long ago we made adorable little Paper Plate Lady Bugs. The kids loved them, which lead us to explore other simple bug crafts for kids. We have been talking lots … Continue reading →

Liedjes spinnen - Digibord Onderbouw

Liedjes spinnen - Digibord Onderbouw

September - Fritz Baumgarten

Watercolors by German illustrator FRITZ BAUMGARTEN August 1883 – 3 November They are full of color, detail and fantasy.

letter wb kleuters - Google zoeken

Our 5 favorite preschool reading worksheets

Our 5 best preschool reading worksheets to help young kids learn reading skills like relating words to pictures and identifying letters.