kikker in de kou

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two pictures of people walking in the snow, one with a basket on his head
* Praatplaten: Kikker in de kou! 4-9
a green and red lego object sitting on top of a wooden table next to a white wall
an image of a frog in the snow with words above it and pictures below to describe
Thuisonderwijs kleuters | | lesidee
there are many toys on the table and one is in front of it with snowmen
children's toys are displayed on a table in a room with blue cloths
Pop up boeken van Kikker. Daar kan je heerlijk meespelen ;-)
a cake made to look like a house on top of a colorful tablecloth with flowers
there is a fake house made out of foam and wool on top of a red box
Het huis van Kikker in de kou
a paper cut out of a house with people in it
Bij Kikker thuis: Boek en Speelset voor uren speelplezier! [recensie]
Bij Kikker thuis Boek en Speelset Max Velthuijs Leopold speelfiguren huis in elkaar zetten naspelen avonturen fansrecensie review
the frog is jumping up into the air with his legs spread out and arms outstretched
Lesideeën voor kleuters. Thema kikker in de kou, Werkbladen, tips, ext
an image of a poster with words and pictures on it that say, kilken de kou
a stuffed animal sitting in a wooden chair next to other items on a counter top
Verteltafel kikker in de kou
this is an image of a sand tray with toys and paper machs in it
Kikker in de kou
a doll house with furniture and accessories on a table