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Looking to try some plant based food? This collection of vegetarian and vegan recipes are a delicious way to enjoy some meatless dishes! #ourzestylife…
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Make a statement with this sautéed asparagus dish! Fresh asparagus, seasoned with garlic, oregano, and lemon butter sauce is guaranteed to please! Add sunflower seeds or jazz it up with bacon, mushrooms, or balsamic vinegar. With just a pan and some minutes, you're all set for a flavorful side! #ourzestylife
This sauteed asparagus recipe is effortless, yet produces a side dish that is so impressive.
Make a statement with this sautéed asparagus dish! Fresh asparagus, seasoned with garlic, oregano, and lemon butter sauce is guaranteed to please! Add sunflower seeds or jazz it up with bacon, mushrooms, or balsamic vinegar. With just a pan and some minutes, you're all set for a flavorful side! #ourzestylife
rainbow carrots on a white plate with the words rainbow carrots above them and below
Roasted rainbow carrots are an elegant and healthy side dish.
Upgrade your side dishes with roasted rainbow carrots. Coat them in honey and seasonings, then roast until tender. You can add potatoes or switch honey for maple syrup to change the flavor. Finish with a touch of butter for extra richness. Enjoy this elegant side dish upgrade!
a white plate topped with coleslaw and carrots
Make this creamy coleslaw recipe, with a tangy homemade dressing, for an easy Southern style side.
Bring color and crunch to your picnics and barbecues with this homemade creamy coleslaw recipe. Grated carrots are combined with shredded green and red cabbage and coated in a creamy mayo dressing flavored with tangy vinegar, cumin seeds, and a hint of sugar. This Southern style favorite offers sweet, tangy, and earthy flavors, making it an idealpairing alongside grilled meats. #creamycoleslaw #easycreamycoleslaw #ourzestylife #creamycoleslawrecipe
a bowl filled with dip and garnished with herbs
Crackers, pita, or vegetables are all perfectly paired with this dill veggie dip.
If you are craving a dip that will do triple duty this creamy dill veggie dip has you covered. Mix sour cream, mayo, and cream cheese with fresh dill, zesty relish, and garlic/onion powders. It’s the ideal match for crisp cucumber slices and raw veggies. Want to lighten it up? Swap in Greek yogurt! Use it on salads, or sandwiches too. #dillveggiedip #ourzestylife #dillveggiediprecipe #dillveggiedipgreekyogurt
fried potatoes in a frying pan with the words fried potatoes on top and an image of
Everyone will enjoy these delish and crispy pan fried potatoes.
Elevate any meal with these irresistible creamy and crispy pan-fried potatoes. Halved baby golden or red potatoes are steamed and then fried until perfectly golden and seasoned to perfection. Serve them with a dollop of tangy sour cream and a sprinkle of fresh green onions for extra flavor. With no peeling necessary and quick prep, these potatoes are a hassle-free addition to your dinner table. #panfriedpotatoes #ourzestylife #panfriedpotatoesrecipe #panfriedpotatoesandonions
broccoli florets on a white plate with parmesan glaze
Give this parmesan roasted broccoli recipe a try for a delicious side dish or tasty snack.
Parmesan roasted broccoli is sure to be a family favorite! Coat fresh broccoli florets with oil, then shake in a zip bag with breadcrumbs and parmesan, then bake until golden and crispy. It's a delicious side dish or even a snack. Add a drizzle of balsamic vinegar or lemon juice for more flavor. For variety, mix in some cauliflower! #parmesanroastedbroccoli #easyparmesanroastedbroccoli #ourzestylife #parmesangarlicroastedbroccoli
this irish soda bread is so good and it's made with only 3 ingredients
Try this easy recipe for Irish soda bread and make the best loaf in no time!
Get ready to savor this timeless recipe for Irish soda bread, a perfect addition to your dinner table. Crafted with flour, butter, buttermilk, and baking soda, this homemade loaf is a cinch to whip up. Serve it warm alongside your corned beef and cabbage dinner for a comforting meal. Bake it in a Dutch oven for a crusty golden exterior that's sure to please! #irishsodabread #recipeforirishsodabread #ourzestylife #bestirishsodabreadrecipe
a spoon full of homemade garlic sauce in a white bowl with parsley on top
It only takes minutes to make this homemade garlic sauce recipe.
Elevate your dishes with a homemade garlic sauce in just five minutes. Inspired by Papa Johns, this flavorful blend of fresh garlic, mayo, yogurt, lemon juice, olive oil, and herbs is perfect for salads, bread, and veggies. Enjoy its creamy richness as a dip for pizza crust or kick up the flavor on veggies, sandwiches, chips, and pretzels. #garlicsauce #garlicsaucerecipe #ourzestylife #garlicsauceforpizza
there is a piece of pancake on a plate with a fork in it and the text overlay reads mashed potato pancakes
Homemade leftover mashed potato pancakes are so easy for a crispy breakfast side dish.
Make use of leftover mashed potatoes by creating delectable homemade mashed potato pancakes! Mix with flour and butter, shape into pancakes, and fry until golden. These crispy and fluffy pancakes are the best, and complement cheese, eggs, or sausage. They make the perfect easy side dish or quick snack! #mashedpotatopancakes #ourzestylife #potatopancakesfrommashedpotatoes #mashedpotatopancakesrecipe
lucky charms cereal bars with marshmallows on top and milk in the background
Sweet and chewy Lucky Charms bars are the best snack for St. Patrick's Day, or any day!
Treat your taste buds to some homemade Lucky Charms bars for a delightful St. Patrick’s Day snack that'll have everyone clamoring for seconds! Combine Lucky Charms cereal with melted mini marshmallows and butter, then fold in those vibrant Lucky Charms marshmallows. Press the blend into a pan and cut into squares for an irresistible treat. These Lucky Charms bars are sure to be a hit with everyone! #luckycharmsbars #ourzestylife #luckycharmstreats #luckycharmsbarsrecipe
broccoli florets are being held up in front of the camera text reads, all types of broccoli
Air Fryer broccolini is so crispy and quick.
Prepare broccolini in the air fryer for a quick and easy side dish everyone will love! Just follow the simple instructions in the recipe and within a few minutes, bright crispy and tender broccolini will be ready and waiting to enjoy. Finish these tender spears off with a squeeze of lemon juice for a side dish that is extra delish! #airfryerbroccolini #ourzestylife #howtocookbroccoliniairfryer #airfryerbroccolinirecipes
there is a spoon full of soup in the bowl with words above it that read teriyaki sauce
The best teriyaki sauce is so easy and simple to make at home.
Turn out dishes worthy of the finest Asian restaurant with the best teriyaki sauce you’ve ever had! Soy sauce, brown sugar, fresh ginger, and rice wine are simmered together and thickened with corn starch. This recipe for teriyaki sauce makes a perfect glaze or marinade for chicken, salmon, or vegetables. Serve it over rice and noodles, or shake it into stir fries. This teriyaki sauce will make anything taste better! #easyteriyakisauce #ourzestylife #teriyakisaucerecipe #recipeforteriyakisauce
this is a green drink in a glass with the words shamrock shake recipe on it
Make a shamrock shake recipe this St. Patrick’s day for a cool and creamy mint flavored treat.
Get into the St. Patrick's Day spirit with this shamrock shake recipe! Blend vanilla ice cream, milk, mint extract, and a dash of green coloring for a tasty beverage. Make this homemade version of a McDonald's classic to enjoy a refreshing treat while saving some extra cash! #shamrockshakerecipe #ourzestylife #shamrockshakerecipemcdonalds #shamrockshakerecipeeasy
three cornbread muffins on a plate with the title easy to make cornbread muffins
These honey cornbread muffins are so easy to make.
Embark on a journey of cornbread muffins that are easy to make and incredibly tasty! Craft moist, fluffy delights with only 4 simple ingredients. Amp up a Jiffy Mix box for the most scrumptious corn muffins ever. Enjoy them solo or as a sidekick to soup or chili! #ourzestylife #cornbreadmuffins #honeycornbreadmuffins #cornbreadmuffinsjiffyrecipe
berry smoothie in glass bowls with spoons
Add a touch of honey to this mixed berry smoothie for a bit more sweetness.
Get your day off to a great start with a mixed berry smoothie. It’s light, refreshing, and full of energy! Blend frozen berries, yogurt, and coconut milk with a hint of vanilla for a delightful concoction. And for a sweet touch add some honey if desired. Try a tropical variation with bananas and mango or add spinach or kale for an extra boost of nutrition. #berrysmoothie #mixedberrysmoothie #ourzestylife #berrysmoothierecipe