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the living room is decorated in black and white with text overlay that reads 12 masculine living rooms with urban edge
Urban Edge Elegance: 12 Masculine Living Rooms Embracing Industrial Chic
Embrace the rugged charm of the city streets with these industrial chic masculine living room ideas. Exposed brick, metal accents, and raw materials come together to create a space that exudes urban sophistication. ... daha fazla
the word insert your text here is cut out of paper with tools and hammers in it
Personalized Woodworker Name Metal Wall Sign. Custom Carpenter Wall Decor Gift - Silver / 24 Inch
a living room with a chair, potted plant and a sign that says your personal text here
Personalized Tank Truck Name Metal Sign. Custom Gas Truck Wall Decor - White / 12 Inch
a wooden sculpture of a dog is hanging on the wall
Doberman Pincher SOLD Made-to-order - Etsy
Doberman Pinscher dog. This silhouette is made of recycled pallets and rustic repurposed barn wood. Good for Man Caves, Gifts, Wall Art, Den, Sportsman, Home Decor, Living Room, Wall Sign, Mans Best Friend, Wall Pictures, Sculpture, Woodwork ... daha fazla
a long hallway with lots of license plates painted on the ceiling and wood paneling
5 Steps to Rock a Vintage Car Bathroom on a Budget
5 easy steps to create a budget-friendly themed bathroom. This vintage car theme was perfect for our boys. Thrift finds & clearance racks helped the budget.
a red stop sign sitting on top of a metal stand next to a wooden floor
two pictures side by side one has a bottle opener and the other has flowers in a vase
Bedroom Design Inspiration - Beautiful Romantic Bedroom Ideas
Bedroom Design Inspiration - Beautiful Romantic Bedroom Ideas
a desk with a laptop on it next to a wall mounted car shaped art piece
Ferrari 250 GTO Metal Wall Art - L: 100x24 cm | 39x9 inch
Add a touch of luxury to your garage, man cave, or workshop with this stylish Ferrari 250 GTO Metal Wall Art . This minimalist metal wall art piece features a sleek design inspired by the iconic supercar, making it a perfect gift for boyfriends, or any man who loves cars. ... daha fazla
a living room filled with furniture and wall art
Personalized US Carpenter Tools Metal Sign. Custom Woodworker Wall Decor Gift - Silver / 30 Inch
several shelves filled with liquor bottles on top of each other in front of a white wall
Empty wine and beer bottles converted to wall art!
the hook on the wooden door is made out of metal and has two screws
an amperator refrigerator is on display in a room with black walls and flooring
Amp mini fridge
Luis uses Gentlemint to find and share manly things. Get started today.
a silver lamp sitting on top of a wooden table
Night Turbo Light
Cool night lamp.I saw it at my grandpa house and i fell in love with it.I bought it the same day and im very pleased with it. #nightlamp
the batman symbol is lit up on a brick wall
Are you want to be a part of the Batman family; spread Batman gift ideas & merchandise among your friend and family.